Women composers

When talking about composers of classical music
we think mainly of men.
But of course women were composing classical music as well!

Do you know some?

I will start with two well known.

The wife of Robert Schumann : Clara Schumann.

The sister of Felix Mendelsson Bartholdy : Fanny Hensel

Fanny_Hensel_1842 l

Some music composed by the ladies ? :grin:


Appreciate the share.

I did not really think of women composing during that time period. I will try to give a listen here soon.

Know when my son was in high school band that they did a performance that I was thinking was done by a female and it was pretty good. (If I remember things right)…

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Let me introduce you an american female composer : Amy Beach.


Her famous piano concerto :

And not to forget she was the first woman composing a symphony.


Nice thread. Thanks @Chiquinho


Thanks for sharing this. I can’t say I know any female composers off the top of my head. I’ll definitely check it out! :+1:


Very dramatic recording and elicits great response.

I’m planning to listen to this in tws w/ the minis this weekend!

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