Wondering about Liberty 3 Pro eartips? This is what I've tried

I’ve tried all of these eartips (I specified large size because if they work with the case, the smaller versions will too):

Spinfit 360 Larges–they fit the buds and the case–I didn’t care much for the sound unless I barely put the tips into my ears. They have a good grip, but the best seal for my ears with these earbuds involved NOT putting them all the way into my ears. If I put them in too far, they sound tinny (rather than the other way around). Fantastic bass response, but they lack some fullness and the buds stick far out of my ears. Your mileage may vary.

Comply TW-200-A Larges–they fit the buds and the case…and take out some of the excess highs of the signature EQ—which I like. I can insert the buds all the way in that give them a flat profile. I can almost side-sleep with these in. Disadvantage is that they’re $25 per 3-pack and don’t last nearly as long as silicone tips. For me, it’s worth it. For others, this is something to consider.

Sony WF-1000-XM4 Hybrid foam tips–Large–they fit the buds and the case–and take away some of the highs, but don’t sound as good as the Complys. These are $5 PER TIP, though. If you wanted 3 sets like the Comply tips, you would need to spend $30 plus shipping from Sony. If interested in trying these, I can try to find the link again for them.

Out of all of them, I go to the Comply. To me, it’s like the Complys and the Soundcore Liberty 3 Pros are made for each other. It’s made the sound so much better!

I hope this helps.


Hi Raph,

How would you say they compare in size to the Soundcore tips? I’m asking if you usually use a medium, would you use a medium in the other brands?

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I used the Large tips for the original Soundcore tips. Comply especially encourages you to use the same size that you would use on the stock tips. Larges for all work for my ears. I assume that would go the same for medium.


Thanks Raph! :+1:

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No problem at all! I just hope I can help someone!


Comply TW-200-A:
The disadvantage of this product is, unfortunately, the price of $ 25 (in Poland as much as $ 41) and durability, according to the manufacturer, 2-4 months :slightly_frowning_face:.


That is a disadvantage for sure. I can maybe get 2-3 months per pair. Each package comes with 3 pairs, so $25 can last me 6-9 months. With this pairing, though, I may listen a bit more and go through them more quickly! The sound difference and comfort, though, make it worth it to me. For others, this may be a deal-breaker.

Thanks for pointing that out. We all have different priorities and I need to be sensitive to that.\

PS. I guess I should also add that I go for foam tips because the silicone ones make my ears itch–right out of the box. Maybe there’s an allergy there? Who knows!


Hi @RaphStarr, thank you so much for the review of these replacement tips. I too suffer from itchyness around my ear canals after wearing earbuds for a while, so I may just give the Comply TW-200-A a try. It would be nice if they lasted a bit longer for the price, and I feel that I would like to purchase the mixed size pack to make sure I get the correct fit before having to commit to buying 3 pairs of the same size, making it a good bit more expensive, but ultimately maybe worth it if it prevents the itching.


@Craig_Paterson Read it :smiley::
“The Comply Guaranteed Fit Program
All purchases from the Comply website are 100% backed by the Comply Guaranteed Fit Program. If the size you choose doesn’t stay put, let us know and we’ll provide a credit so you can find the right size. If you need help finding the right size, we’ve got your back. (And your ears)”


Thanks for all the explanations.
I am glad that I can use silicone :smiley:- $ 25 ($ 40 in Poland) is the price of the new Life P3 Mini :astonished:.
Good night!


Ah, good find – rule no. 1 - check the manufacturers’ website.

I was just looking on Amazon, didn’t think to look at their own website ¯_(ツ)_/¯

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That guaranteed for program sold me on them. I didn’t have to use it, but those who have seen to be happy with it.

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Nice to hear how these alternative tips worked out. Thanks for the good insight @RaphStarr

I’ll keep an eye out for the comply ones here, but at present am happy with the silicone ones.

Raph- did the complys come with a smaller size ear tips? the smalls for are too big for me.

AZLA SednaEarfit Crystal best i have tied expensive bought worth it.

They have small, but I’m not sure how those compare to the smallest included with the buds.

I’ve looked into those, but I haven’t tried them.

Ok thanks! I may have to take a flyer for $25 hahaha.

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If you get them, it would be great to hear how they worked out!

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I guess I’m too cheap to spend $25 on trying it out - I’m actually thinking of doing this - I’ve done it before with wired headphones and they were pretty good. Can someone actually explain which is the hole for the system knowing that its in your ears?