Wondering about Liberty 3 Pro eartips? This is what I've tried

Not sure if this may be the best for the 3 pro. I would be afraid they will hit one of the mics.

As long S you can take them off, it should be able to charge them

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Yeah I just realized this morning that it probably won’t be able to charge. sigh I love the sound of these but the fit is just…not ideal.

That’s also a big deal for me. I don’t want to carry ear tips and the buds.

Managed to get my hands onto both the Comply TW-200-A and the Comply TW-170-A (This is the one recommended by Comply for the L3P). Both do the job, but the main difference between the two seems to be that the inner tubing on the 170 is smaller so it fits better onto the buds and thus in your ear. Definitely recommend trying out foam if you haven’t yet.


Good thing to know. Appreciate the extra knowledge

Do you have a smaller ear canal? This is where i’m feeling frustrated. I’m actually thinking of selling these that’s how disappointed I am. You’d think customer service would be able to help. Have you had any issues with the comply hardening?

My ear canals are not small at all. I would try reaching out to them. I’m not sure what they would say or do to help, but I admire their customer service.