Wondering how many Soundcore fans have animals in their lives as well

2 Dachshund in my house as well as several Soundcore earbuds

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Three bettas (owned and cared for by someone else!)

Just a 21 pound cat… lol

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No pets for us… Though planning for a small fish tank (with a fish)…

At the moment I have a spider with a huge net at my “office window”.
I like to see this little animal waiting for prey.

Not here now in the morning.
Will show up in the afternoon when sun.

But now its time for the squirrels to show up.
They know when I give them theirs nuts.

That is one fat cat :joy:

No pets since I was a kid (time and space being a factor now), do have a very curious squirrel that keeps making an appearance in the garden but never near the EufyCam :raised_hands: :man_shrugging:

The squirrel know about that cameras issues! :joy:

Name is Garfield?

That explains this then :wink:

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Send by EUFY to get the issues cleared! :rofl:

You know we all spoil them. Mine will sleep with me.

Lol I had a curious raccoon trying to get my trash. Had to build new wooden lids he could not pull off. The funny thing afterwards I was on vacation at Disney, I was sitting outside and a raccoon came up to about 5 feet of me.

I have a dog, bearded dragon, bird, and there is a squirrel that lives outside that when called will come to me to play.

A very old (but still young at heart) Keeshond and, well does a 2 year that climbs everything like a monkey count? :thinking:

An older photo of me n Molly, my wonderful little shitbag! She responds to that, more than Molly :grin:

Here’s a more up-to-date pic of her

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Ja Mac, that’s your cat, the wellknown Molly!

Meanwhile quite a “star” here. :joy:

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I want to be that famous one day :thinking:

You are famous!
You are our best here!

Andrew you are definitely infamous on here!

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