Workin man’s Soundcore

So far I have only purchased wireless earbuds (Life Dot 2 NC) by Soundcore. Does any have a suggestion on which, if any Soundcore Bluetooth speaker would work well in a loud, indoor work environment?

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There are many :grinning:.
What kind of connection do you prefer -> TWS or Partycast?
There are huge ones from the RAVE line.
Search for these, seems their loudness output (Watts) are high.
But never forget “loud” is relative!


So partycast will allow you to connect 100 partycast speakers together and several options offer that option.

First off what size do you want? They have party speakers that are somewhat large and most should have partycast and are indoor or outdoor.

After that they get smaller.

What is you price range?

Personally my favorite Soundcore speaker is The Motion Boom. As an added benefit you can pair 2 of them together for True Wireless Stereo.


As it mentioned before by other members there are plenty of models to select. So everything depends on budget and personal preferences.

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Bring the sound nearer to your ears without blocking ears?

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I think the frames may be a good option too

Hm, could be a kind of protecting glasses for someone who works.
Depends on the work.

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It depends on work. The question was about speakers.

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I’d say if you don PPE, perhaps nary will do… but if you are looking for rugged and loud, I’d second @Steve976 recommendation of the booms. Small and mighty, and rugged.

Otherwise, perhaps the smaller rave of the bunch… could pick up a pair and they’d be okay.

The flare series would not likely hold up well if the environment is dirty / dusty, but the do throw great sound and have great battery life.

Should you choose, I’m sure all of us would like to know…

  • what you picked
  • how it worked out



I was just relaying agreement as to what @The_Professor stated that besides speakers that frames could be an option as well other than the speaker comment that was already done earlier.

If it is loud indoors, why would they want to add another speaker or more decibels to an already loud area. They would just drown each other out.


Indeed as Frames are relatively new there will be still some who don’t know they exist. Speakers make sense for shared sound or where you want to hear multiple things. But in a noisy environment they won’t be that clear. Frames is a new 3rd way to do it ( in/over ear , speakers, Frames).

Frames lose out on bass however.

I can see some owning all of these types for the difference situations.


If one really works in a loud work environment he uses hearing protection.
If music is needed an overhead phone is the best in such a situation.