Worlds longest music video

The worlds longes music video recently came out and it’s about 4,264 hours. After almost 118 days it’s finally done for the first time. Personally I think this is insane but also really cool. I guess this is what happens when the world locks down and people have nothing to do :joy:

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Perhaps we will send a music team to near a black hole?

The physics geeks among us know why.

Wow haven’t heard about this one

No I do not want to listen to a4000 hour video lol

But the observer would experience the same time dilation, and the rest of us would have trouble receiving the results - so maybe not worth sacrificing the team. Unless it is a boy band, in which case have at it.


What?? Who even listens for that long :joy:. I wonder how the flow of the music video is to make it feel decent and not combination of random clips.

Who knows the world longest music piece and the composer?

I have to give this a watch lol

@QueenMagic if you give it a watch let us all know how far you get in it

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No. The observer is further out from the gravity well and so the one deeper in the well is observed redder, slower as time slowed and radiation climbs out.

So find a black hole, a bigger one is better, put in a very high pitched singer and send it in nearer and hear a deep bass sound come out.

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Presuming you can maintain the exquisite balance of being close enough for the gravitational effects to cause significant red shift, without falling in, or having the singer torn apart by tidal effects.

And once they do go in, the sound never comes back out past the event horizon.

As I said, boy bands only. That way, the losses are limited when we mess up.

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The tidal effects relative to time dilation is less with a supermassive black hole, as the dilation is greater further out while tidal effects less.

I’d send in bad singers who hide behind swearing and wearing too warm clothing in summer.

Correct once you pass the stable orbit 3x the event horizon they can’t escape without putting in effort, and yes at the event horizon we’d see them frozen forever.


I was going to watch the video a bit, but maybe they got rid of the recorded version of the live stream? Wasn’t able to watch from the link provided by CNN.

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Hmmm seems like they edited the initial post of the video if I find it again I will let you know