Worse Valentines day

Valentines is around the corner and we all hope to celebrate it with your loved ones and a romantic date. But all Valentine dates are not all roses, I am wondering what your worst date. (Valentines or not)

Mine is pretty lame. I was to go out with this woman but she cancelled the date. So I said it was her loss and told my dad I was taking him out to eat and go to a movie.

Valentine’s is not important here.
More an invention of flower shops, :grinning:
Business only!

I will not tell about my “love stories”… TOO MANY!..hehehe!


I agree. You can probably say that with several holidays.

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So you were breaking the hearts. Don @Chiquinho. :wink:

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The last broken, was always mine!

I don’t really have any “bad” Valentine’s Day experiences. It’s had to have bad one when you’ve spent most of your life without a significant other!! Ha ha!

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