Worst Gifts given or received

It’s a rainy day here in Los Angeles which lends itself to staying indoors especially since my little one is under the weather. So not to go stir crazy I figured let’s have some fun, What is the worst gift you’ve received or given on Christmas?!

I’ll start with a gift I gave.

So one year I received a crockpot as a gift, it was a fancy one with all the bells and whistles. Only problem was I already owned the same one since I had previously splurged. So fast forward to the following year I decided to regift the crockpot since I never bothered returning it. To my dismay, I gave it back to my sister whom the gift originated from… :cold_sweat:

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You didn’t remember that she gave it to you? :joy:

I usually put a lot of time into Christmas shopping, so I don’t recall ever buying a “dud” gift, unless it was a joke. I do give joke gifts all the time… I’m sure someone has received a gift they didn’t like from me, but none that I know of.

One time I went out and treated myself to a set (5 to be exact) of custom suits. They were custom made and tailored by a local seamstress. They were (ahem) not exactly cheap.

Fast forward a month or two, and one of my siblings decides to splurge and get me a really expensive suit. She didn’t know that I had gotten custom suits made. She just knew that I liked suits.

The suit she purchased me couldn’t touch the custom ones. I think I wore it once when she was there… that’s about it.


Not at all, I’m actually a great gift giver but was in a rush that year. She took it in stride and laughed me out the room.

I agree 100% with you, nothing like a custom tailored fit suit.

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I can’t really think of anything which is weird, spent most of the day trying to think of something.

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I’m sure I’ve received (and given) gifts that didn’t go over well, but I can’t remember.

I did have a buddy of mine that gave me an interesting gift one year. We had only been friends a few months, and I invited him to come to my family’s house for Christmas dinner (he was working at the local hospital and couldn’t make it back to see his family). He showed up with a HUGE (and heavy) box and I could tell from his facial expression that he was proud of himself and was itching to have me open it. I finally gave in (I was assuming it would be some type of white elephant gift), and it turned out to be popcorn…

50 pounds…

Of un-popped… popcorn…

He also threw in a small air popper to help me in my endeavors. Needless to say, after about 9 years I think we finally ate (or gave away) all of the popcorn?


the worst gift I have ever given was a box of chocolate to someone who turned out to be deathly allergic to it. I got thrown out of the house and called all sorts of names for trying to play a cruel joke on the girl…I honestly did not know she was allergic to chocolate.

fast forward to today, my wife is allergic to chocolate so at least now i can sympathize with how that family felt way back when.

the worst gift I have ever recieved actually turned out to be a blessing in disguise. I was given a tool set one christmas, I had no car and nothing to use the tools on, so I was angry I got them. That very night this car broke down in front of my house, I let them use a phone to call a tow truck but it would be hours before they showed up. I let the kids stay and mother stay inside my apartment to stay warm, while me and the father went to see what was wrong with the car. Upon inspecting the car i noticed the battery terminal had extra wires coming off it, I asked what kind of amp they had and the guy said he didnt know as they had just brought the van so they can travel and see family for the holidays. Well, I moved the wire and heard something of a sparking noise, turned out whoever sold them the van had never disconnected the wires and it was arcing across the chassis behind the seats. They had the radio up so non of them heard it. I grabbed my tool set and unhooked the wires all the way to the battery and also found an additional wire literally screwed to the frame which had power going to it. anyone who knows anything power and grounds do not mix and can cause all sorts of havoc on an electrical system. I undid all that and we managed to get the van started, low and behold the shorting wires no longer wreaked havoc on the electrical system and they were able to get back on the road and tow truck cancled. If I hadnt got tools for christmas I wouldnt have been able to help them on their way. So it was a Merry christmas to me and that family


Wow, that was a great helpful gift you got and you made it worth.

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That is a lot of popcorn.


That’s a whole lot of popcorn :rofl:

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Being allergic to chocolate must be hard, I have patients’ that are allergic to weirdest things.

As far as the tools that’s an awesome story, you saved them time and money with what seemed like a useless gift. :clap:

The worst gift I ever received was a German dictionary… because I wasn’t studying German and I didn’t have the heart to tell my relative the truth :joy:


Hahaha When being thoughtful goes wrong! :sweat_smile:

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Maybe you still have it and can chat with @Chiquinho

Oder einfach nur Google übersetzen :joy:


Talcum powders from grandmother. I was 10.