Worst/oddest place you have lost your headphones?

I recently picked up the Liberty Neos and made the jump to true wireless headphones. Already I have been walking around the house and left one of the buds on the counter and then walked away so it’s only a matter of time before one ends up in the fridge or something similar.

Reminds me of an old Citcom (can’t remember which) In which the parents find tons of there stuff in the freezer :joy:.

Anyway. I haven’t really lost my earbuds in “weird” places per say, but I have lost them. Mainly under my night stand, I’m the couch cracks etc.

Never lost a set yet :raised_hands: have broke two sets in the past though :sob:

I have mistakenly put my neos in the oven before and also had them fall our of mympocket into the freezer. The oven was a quick mistake and I caught it seconds after it happened, the freezer incident I didnt find until the inlaws made dinner that night

Uhh, how did you accidentally put them in the oven?

Fortunately you havent wrapped the earbuds in bacon before! :rofl:

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I left mine behind a clock in a hotel room :roll_eyes:

I was coming into the kitchen and I saw my wife and son struggling to remove a heavy cast iron lot from the oven so I dropped what was in my hand, which was the neo case and grabbed the pot. Once I put it on the stove I realized what I had done and ran to the oven and grabbed the case before any damage happened

My wife’s friend took her airpods out to talk to someone when they were walking around Detroit on lunch. She mis judged the curb and dropped one directly into a sewer. No seeing that anytime soon.

Nowhere really weird but they have fallen behind a desk or dresser on occasion.

Hotel rooms, but that isn’t really odd I guess.

How did you break them? I

Accidental teardown by proxy…namely a dumb bell for my Soundbud Curve…


Then repeated with a pair of Spirit X’s by pulling / snapping the cable from the earbud (on the same exercise if you could believe that)…certainly convinced me to work on my form at the gym :laughing: