Would love for Soundcore to do one ear earbud

I work and listen to a lot of music. Part of my listening is to just use one ear not two ears so that I can listen when my supervisor needs to contact me.

So with all this talk about Jack. I would like to see Soundcore come up with a pair. Maybe a one ear version of Spirit X for better support.


Like this?

Also, why not just get spirit X2, and then you can use the right or left buds by themself?

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With the soundcore collection, it seems for the vast majority, you can use just one earbud or earphone.

So whether the spirit (cheapest most basic) with neck band, or the expensive new earbuds (or cheaper life P2) you cannot to use just one.

The life P2, even registers both buds separately, so using Justine is ok… I donitnoften if late at night and want to listen to videos but not wake my fiancee, I’ll use just one bud.

With life P2 lasting 7hrs at a time, it should be.enough for a shift at work. I hrs is based on loud volume, so you MAY (no.otomises from me) find they lastn8 hrs on a quiet setting.

Plus being touch control, so easy to use subtley at work

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I always use just 1 earbud at a time while at work so in can hear my coworkers or supervisor. Every wireless earbud I own from soundcore/anker I have been able to use just 1 ear at a time…well the liberty air was as long as it was the right. But the rest of them can be used either or

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More like this. The reason for it to be like Spirit X is the earhook. I will sling the other earbud around my ear. The only other thought would be which ear. For it to fit properly you would need a good fit. I tend to go to left ear due to I am rt handed.

@TechMan, I do have spirit x and do use the one ear and hand the other off my shirt. It is when I use my old Zune that has 300+ songs and a radio function and still works great so I need to be wired. @Macblank @Tank. I rather enjoy wireless better but sometimes you got to be wired. I could just get a receiver but it would be just another accessory to carry n charge.


Interesting, I’m right handed and prefer the earbuds in my right ear. Probably cause I’m dead in that ear so it doesnt matter I guess

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I tend to have to do screen mock ups and I am rt handed. So I guess it is a way to keep the cord out of the way n falling out cause I never realized why I did that til now. Lol

You got.something like this, for calls n music