Would you like direct contact with Soundcore product managers and other staff?

Hey Collective!

I’m interested to know if you would like direct contact with some of our engineers, product managers, etc., so you can get more in-depth answers on your burning questions.

Please let me know via the poll, but also let me know in the comments who you’d like contact with, what kind of questions you’d ask and what value you feel this would bring.


  • Yes, I think that would improve the Collective
  • No, dealing with one person is better

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I have spoke with Kevin before about products, with having a hands on approach to talk about features, design and what we would like to see come from soundcore would be awesome.

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Thanks Tank!

I think ONE person as contact person is OK and enough.
So the questions etc. can be handled over the certain specialists who will answer.

I think dealing with one person is good for complaints and troubleshooting issues but being able to talk to one of several of the team to voice suggestions, generic questions and how the brand is going to grow or branch out going forward would be good…

I think a good perk of leveling up, (level 13 or so) would be to be able to talk to the engineer and design specialists etc. every once and a while.

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Being part of Beta’s does have this capability to some degree.

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That’s good to know (that it’s been updated anyhow), my last and to date only beta for a Anker / Soundcore product, involved pretty much a please rate the following question structure 1 to 5…not really what I would call a beta, more going through the motions for a speaker that was a month or so shy of being released :raised_hands:

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One.person is far better.

We haven’t a clue who is who? We have you @Loz and that’s enough. I’m sure this is your baby n full time job, it’s better we stick with one.person, who goes behind the scenes to find answers or at least could put someone on a dm as needed to solve any complicated problems.

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I feel this would be an awesome addition, but could be abused fairly quickly. Reason being is what I deal with on a daily basis. I am an I.T. engineer who built himself up from the help desk. I see top level issues, because that is what I am paid to do. I never have an issue taking care of something simple, but it does eat into my time that should be utilized elsewhere. I’ve had customer latch onto me, meaning they do not go through our standard procedure, they either call/email me directly when it is something the help desk could have done. If you have a dedicated AMA or a rotation of the people doing it, then yes it would be awesome. Otherwise those people will more than likely get flooded with DM’s and when they don’t answer back, people will start threads about how they aren’t being helped and what not. May not be the case with this, as I would love to have some conversations with them, I just don’t want it to turn into a negative thing in the end.

This is a good reason I think it should only be for “senior” members…

True, but then people will call it being bias and then deflect because they aren’t being helped or listened to and probably claim favoritism

It is bias… that’s literally the point

I would love access to engineers and a single market rep that we work directly with during the the contest phase/test phase/review stage that knows and understands the rules for posting the reviews and where we can do it.

I’ve felt with support for a beta test (another product lune) and they didn’t understand my conserns about features not working right or add useful features. They also couldnt answer question about the rule’s.

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Soundcore is a business though, so driving customers/potential customers away probably wouldn’t be in their wheelhouse. Just my 2 cents with it, I am all for it being senior members only, but coming from them it probably wouldn’t be the best.

as others have mentioned. Dealing with one person for issues with products is more than enough. When it comes to product testing/input or feedback, it is better to collaborate with others and share info. This at least potentially helps reduce time by proposing solutions/ideas.

Would be pretty cool

Hey guys! Thanks a lot for the feedback. In all honesty I’m a big fan of social media, digital communities and building a place for brand advocates like yourselves. However, this is on top of my other work, so I am purposely trying to get other Soundcore staff in here to help out with articles, responding, etc. And, I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but it seems to have been working!


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