Write-up on Experience of setting up Soundcore Collective!

Soundcore Collective has 100,000 users in such a short time, with lot more users signing up to get to know more about Soundcore as a brand and all the new product releases.

I feel Soundcore Crew should have an article on Setup of Soundcore Collective – all the hard-work which went into setting up the New community, backend systems, coordination, events and contests to attract new users

Experience of setting up Soundcore Collective or may be more of a Journey, We - the members want to join the Soundcore Crew team on this Experience or the journey!!

Hope we get to hear on this, @Loz @Hannah :+1::pray:


Agreed! :+1:

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Yea thats a good idea

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You know that I do have a question. The SC crew did not finish presenting the rest of the Grammy Winners in a post. I thought those were interesting and thought it was part of their introduction to the L2P. Also good idea


I too enjoyed those posts. Wonder why they stopped short?

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good point @Duane_Lester , may be @Loz can let us know on updates,

That would be a great story. May be @Loz is planning to do that at 1 year celebration :thinking:

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I agree. I think maybe even a page that charts out all their products with specs. I know several users have created pages like that but an official one from Soundcore would be nice.

Thanks for the feedback! Engagement was starting to dwindle, especially from the feedback in the comments, but perhaps it’s something we could pick up again in a different fashion a little later down the line.

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Sorry to hear about that.

Nice idea :thinking:

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It would have to focus on some pre setup stuff to be new to most of the people on here I think - the majority of active users have been here since close to day one.

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