X10 Sports and non-existent ANC

Got the X10 Sports earbuds for a long walk in city to/from work to deal with routine rumble of city life and traffic. Wanted security of ear hooks, but real issue was avoiding having to boost volume to hear anything above traffic noise. Used AirPods Pro, Bose etc in past but experienced discomfort after 30 mins because of fit. Really wanted the X10s to work, but the ANC is just rubbish. It may as well not be there: it blocks nothing. Hell, it doesn’t even reduce the low frequency rumble of passing trucks or busses. Has anybody had any joy with these? Volume seems inadequate too because ANC doesn’t really do anything. Would anybody recommend good 3rd party ear-tips to help increase passive noise isolation?

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I have the X10, used them today!

The ANC across all of Soundcore’s products is meh, nothing like on par with Sony or Bose.

But it does exist, it’s mild, it reduces rumbling sounds for sure, less so voice sounds. One trick is to in the app to ensure the button sequences toggle ANC/ambient, and then if you feel the ANC is not working to do that toggle, it seems to kick, retrain, the ANC to be better.

I wish the Soundcore marketing would not emhpasise ANC as it’s not their main selling point. There’s some, but I’d not recommend anything Soundcore for when ANC was the key requirement.

I find them comfortable, and the hook means they fall out to ground far less than otherwise, I have their P2 and LA2 they barely get used as in minutes they’re falling out.

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