XP from Anker Community?

Are we supposed to get our points from the Anker community added here at some point? Or did I dream that? If so, does anyone know the ETA of said Anker points?

We should get them transferred sometime this month…

I believe it’s supposed to be sometime this month.

Of course you beat me to the response! Ha ha!!

You guys are on the ball! Thnx!

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Lets see where everyone stands then after the transfer

Think so, will be interesting the heights some ppl can get to on here :muscle:t2:

I was thinking that maybe they forgotten about doing this…

@Loz @Hannah Is this still happening? We’re all excited about our Anker points!

I think they held off because they wernt originally going to give the notes associated with the transfer and a lot of users didn’t like that because it punishes us for having a presence on anker and we miss out on the notes others would get leveling normally

Just wonder where everybody would land after the points transfer!

Oh man. I definitely want those notes! :money_mouth_face:

@Insider will be the richest person on Soundcore Collective

So I guess this isn’t happening then?

We don’t know yet, but I certainly hope they don’t do it.

@Loz any news on this?

At first, I was excited about all of the point transfer, as time has passed… thinking, do we really need the points transferred?

I feel it is better to keep things simple, have every member earn the points and grow in the community THAN grandfathered plan, moving points from other community.

This also gives all the new members joining some equal and fair chance to grow, rather than have some Goliaths with tons and tons of Points and very high level instantly with points transfer. (Though eventually there will be Goliaths with lot of points… till then but then those have been earned)

Plus keeping things as-is reduces or completely eliminates all the debate and buzz about the points and notes and all the mathematics we have been hearing about the points migration.

Hope to hear something soon if it’s a go / no go from Soundcore Crew @Loz

Agree on some points but if high ranks have or continue to be garnered from points due to ‘referrals’, which could be a pass on, of a pass on, of a pass on (or worse, from generated emails) etc…have they technically been earned :thinking:

The referral points thing has to stop, had a poll here… Majority voted for Soundcore to review process and change it.

But this won’t happen for near future

If so, sources would be killed for our “specialists” :rofl:

Lol Yeah! :rofl: That may be the one reason I will never be on the top of leaderboard !