Yayyy it's my pink

So yeah today is my birthday so I got my pinks and I love them💞

Also had a fantastic birthday breakfast :partying_face:


Happy Birthday Carol. I hope you have a wonderful day. :cake::cake:

PS Enjoy the Pink Q30’s! :musical_note::musical_score:

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Enjoy your Q30!

I’ve had mine almost 2 years now. Time flies…

image image

Prices go up!

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Happy birthday. They pink looks good. ( I think the foam was pink as well. Never really thought what the color of those would be as I could have seen them just using black for all of them (LOL)).

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Yes the foam is pink I was a little let down the cables are white I was hoping lol

I have 35s but these are Pink

And ty for the birthday wishes

Happy birthday Carol.
Enjoy the day and the headphones.


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Congrats on the birthday @cazzy66 :cake:

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Happy Birthday!

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Happy Birthday @cazzy66

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They seemed to go all out with the Pink Colorway. Even the case is Pink. Well done Soundcore!

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