You have to hear it, to believe it!

I’ve been so disappointed with my AirPods. The batteries are already going after a year. I started looking for something else. I had tried the first Liberty in-ear set, and it didn’t work for me. The Liberty 2 Pro are a completely different story. Wow! This is a quantum leap up from the first product. Not only is the sound gorgeous, but you can run a program that adapts the earphones to your hearing ranges, greatly improving the fidelity and sound quality to the level of mind blowing. The sound quality of the microphone pickup is amazing for clear, sharp phone calls. I’m thrilled with this product. Bravo Soundcore and Anker. You continue to raise the bar. :clap::clap::clap:


Glad you love them! Hope you continue to enjoy anker products!

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Great to hear!!

Definitely a great set of earbuds!

Definitely sounds like they are a great fit for you, nice.

Great you like them!

Nice review! I think Anker has a pretty good track record when it comes to products that last. Apple cords really don’t last.