You tube reviews are getting confusing!

I’ve noticed the amount of you tube videos that review soundcore products but I can see they don’t know anything about sound or don’t work in the sound industry. So they are scripted or clown about with the app rather than talk about the features or quality of the product, mostly sound and EQing it.

This trend will seriously put off people that are really into sound quality by not trusting the influencers and their time wasting advert spams.

There are good reviewers who are consistent, but sending the product out to anyone is just going to get a lot of confusion.

For example the Space Q45 are getting mixed views from flagship killers to not worth the upgrade.

So what are they, Good or not worth it?

Is anyone confused by the you tube reviews, are we getting the honest reviews or just smoke screens of selling constipation? …


That’s absolutely true.
One has to find out by himself what are good or bad reviews.
Not so easy.
Too many around and a lot of crap.

May be those who have been checked by regulars here and published by them are worth to look ar.
But only “May be” :smile:


Correct, of the dozens of reviews, most are of low quality. There are a few good ones.

What I encourage to do is like and subscribe the few good ones and not the many bad ones.

Also once you know who is a lightweight reviewer to never watch them. I suspect Anker is sending free units to those with most views, so feeding a circle of awful drivel on the Internet.

I only paste links to good reviews here, to reward their efforts.

As a rough guide, if there is an unboxing segment, stop watching.


So true!
What has a such “useless unboxing” to do with a serious review?
Even a “xxxxxx” (censored) can do!

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The “unboxing” gives a few more minutes to a video review. :rofl:

The bad thing for the q45 is the q35 and q30 came out before them… SO there is good and bad points to compare to your own headsets.

As far as the products being sent out, I am almost sure a lot of the companies do it. So it just comes to whom do you trust.

If I wanted to determine who to trust, I think I would look at what audio devices that I have. I would check for a few of the folks that you are watching and see how they reviewing those products. You can determine if they have similar views that you do of a product or if they are blowing smoke.

1/2 an hour “unboxing” and a few minutes “review” :laughing:


… and of course, we decide if we buy a product based on the packaging. I refuse to buy the A40 as it’s the wrong colour packaging…


Don’t they think before rolling camera?

I know what reviewers I trust. That being said when I buy something that I’ve never tried in person, I always buy from a place with a good return policy, like Amazon.

Tastes vary. I don’t necessarily thing because 2 reviews come to different conclusions that one is necessarily lying. It could just be different tastes or looking for different functions. I know which ones who in the past I’ve agreed with, so I give their reviews more weight.


i have very few reviewers i trust and go to them for initial review then I come here to see if those i trust do a review. some people review for money, some for the spotlight, some to increase their viewership . these reviewers i do not pay attention to. If a store does not have display models to test well then i really wait and go for places with flexible returns with no restocking fees. I tend to enjoy and respect EL Jefe reviews I would recommend watching his reviews they are usually spot on .