Your Favorite Love Songs

Hello Collectilovers! At least, that’s what I’m going to call you through Valentine’s Day, because if you were all here with me I’d kiss each of you full on the lips.

You think I’m kidding about that? I’ll leave that to your imagination. What I’m not leaving to your imagination, but rather your knowledge of romantic music, is this request:

Help us find the top 10 love songs of all time!!

Is it the lyrics? Memories of a movie or show the song is from? Is it a slow ballad or more of a club vibe?

Maybe you have a song that reminds you of your own sweetheart, or a great love from your past. If the former, it’s important to remember these things when romantic occasions come up (see Lecrae’s interview with us coming up shortly; he’ll be providing us with some amazing tips).

Here are some classic modern love songs to help kick-start your emotions:

Whitney Houston - I Will Always Love You

Berlin - Take My Breath Away

Taylor Swift - Love Story

Or even…

All American Rejects - Mona Lisa Smile

What’s your favorite love song, and why? Have any amazing and romantic stories? Leave it in the comments below, and I challenge you to make us cry with your beautiful songs and stories!

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If you feel inspired, or just don’t want to read the words “schmoozy-bumpkins” from me again, click the link to enter and comment below.

Happy Valentine’s Day from Soundcore!

  • Aaron

“Unchained Melody” by the Righteous Brothers

I am to young to catch the song’s premjere😁.
I am too young to rember this song performed by Elvis monthes before his death.
I know it from “Ghost” (it’s a movie, young fellows😁).
I am not in romantic movies and I never was. I went to watch it because girl I just met wanted.
And I was impessed. I was impressed by Patric Swayze’s character. I was impessed by Demi Moore’s character. And I was impessed by song.
30 years passed…
To be honest I don’t remember the girls name (shame on me) but I am thankful to her for seeing the movie.
And I still remember tears in Demi Moore’s eyes.
And I still remember Patrick Swayze walking away and disappearing.
And I still remember the Song.

R.I.P. Patrick Swayze


… now I have I will always love you stuck in my head… thank you so much


I give you two:

When I am listening to, I got wet eyes.

Puccini what else!


Back from when two young people with nothing to do but…
Before babies and all of other life’s distractions.


I’ll post some in a bit


No kisses please and thanks Aaron :joy::joy::joy:

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Will think about it

Well ok Aaron :joy:

Since I know most (if not all) songs shared here will be in English, I’ll leave a Bollywood romantic song that I grew up listening


Welp… I don’t really listen to love songs… not the type to fall in love. :laughing:

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I think we’ll just assume you were kidding. But I’m not getting any closer just in case.

Nice one. Thanks

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I watched it live years ago

I have a couple to add… they say eyes are the window to a persons soul…

Jeff Healy - angel eyes
From the movie roadhouse

Alex Goot - pretty eyes

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Unfortunately the Nationaltheater here in München is closed for more than a year now.
Jonas Kaufmann is our “local star” in München and we saw him quite often
(Puccini, Verdi, Wagner)
Beside a fantastic tenor he is a perfect actor as well.

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You are loved by the regulars here! :rofl:

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I ment I was watching Tosca. It was in another theatre in another country and wihout Jonas Kaufmann.

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Tosca is always fine!
One of the best from Puccini.

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Obviously not for every relationship, but if the eye color is right…
Van Morrison, Brown Eyed Girl