Your Guide to Black Friday Deals

This year, instead of :running_man::running_man::running_man::running_man::running_man: to the store and fighting off your fellow shoppers to secure some crazy-good deals, I’m here to save you time by sharing the best of the Soundcore sales and the times they’re available.

The first stop on our tour is the USA:

:zap: Lightning Deals | November 27 :zap:
Put a reminder on your phone, write it on your hand—whatever you do, don’t forget the time of these deals!

6:45 AM PST - 12:45 PM PST
Get 27% Off Life Q10
Deal Price: $32.99

12:40 PM PST - 6:40 PM PST
Get 28% Off Life Q20
Deal Price: $49.99

:spiral_calendar: Until November 29th :spiral_calendar:

Get 30% Off Spirit X2
Deal Price: $55.24

Get 30% Off Liberty Air 2
Deal Price: $69.99

:tickets: Coupon Deal | November 23 - 29 :tickets:

Get 27% Off Liberty 2 Pro
Deal Price: $109.99

Stay calm! UK deals are coming up next:

:spiral_calendar: Top Deals | November 27 - 30 :spiral_calendar:

Get 37% Off Liberty 2 Pro
Deal Price: £75.59 (with an extra 10% off voucher)

Get 38% Off Liberty Air 2 (Black/White)
Deal Price: £55.99

Get 30% Off Spirit X2
Deal Price: £55.99

And finally we’ve got some huge deals for our friends over in Deutschland:

:spiral_calendar: Deal of the Day | November 23 :spiral_calendar:

Get 31% Off Liberty 2 Pro
Deal Price: €89.99

Get 36% Off Life P2
Deal Price: €31.99

Get 30% Off Spirit Dot 2
Deal Price: €52.99

:spiral_calendar: Until November 29 :spiral_calendar:

Get 30% Off Liberty Air 2
Deal Price: €69.99

Get 30% Off Life Q20
Deal Price: €41.99

Are you going to pick up anything for Black Friday this year? Let me know in the comments.


Great deals!! Let the shopping begin!

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Right, now this is the day to post the deals. Nice list.


Thought I’d see a good Flare 2 deal :wink:

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Black Friday 1929

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There’s a slight error in the UK, it’s not 3 days for all the offers, its 3 hours (now) for the LA2.

I’d already posted about that time-limited offer yesterday, so plenty of time for UK fans to get for £56. Last few hours now.

Wow some really nice deals guess ill now have to debate what to put my money towards

That really looks like people trying to get TVs in Walmart :joy:. Thankfully not this year though

Some nice deals here :+1:

These days you can get your tvs online. And the reality is that black friday and cyber Monday sales are only marginally better than any other sale, if that. But it can be fun to watch still.

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This time of the year you do you get the odd product cheaper than has/will be for months but they are the exception, you have to track prices.

I track prices and one item hit a new low but otherwise repeated prior lows.


There was a TV at BestBuy that was supposed to go on sale today. But they didn’t announce when it would open up - and it ended up being 2:30 am eastern time, and it was still sold out in minutes.

But that is a rare exception.

Hmm… stores are still packed then :thinking:

This was available online, for either delivery or pickup of store stock, so it probably sold out online. No big crowds required.