YouTube gallery not working

I have been trying to upload a couple of videos from youtube to the gallery, but everytime I go to submit it says

I have tried various ways to enter the youtube address for the video and still nothing has worked.

@Loz can you look into this please.

Maybe soundcore just doesn’t want your videos :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Had the same issue this morning, took me around 6 attempts…one thing for certain though, it doesn’t like the short YouTube links like

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How did you finally get it to work?

Try using for it.

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That worked, thank you. I swear I tried that the first few times and it didnt work. Ah well at least it is now

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Forwarded to IT. Cheers,

I am having the same problem. It’s been real frustrating!

My guess is that the field validation is set to look for, but the actual sharing links are things like - @Loz can probably have techs look into it? I’m trying to share my flare mini floating video :frowning:

@gANKstER try this link

I did - didn’t take :sob:

When it didnt take mine, I logged out and back in and then it took it

Had similar on mine, had to cancel my first Gallery attempt and start again to clear the error, also make sure your not using the .be prefix (use the link @Tank provided)…

Gallery should have option to edit the post or flag it for removal. I just submitted a post on gallery - uploaded from YouTube, the link works perfectly however it does not work within the gallery.

How can this be fixed?

Also seen a issue where I posted my Instagram link, system by itself posted some wrong IG link…

Can Soundcore staff / @Loz Please help

We’re aware and are working on it

Thank you @Loz :pray:t2:

Yes, I really wish you could edit the posts.

I wanted to edit the name of one of mine…

Try using and see if that one works for it. It probably won’t, but worth a shot