Youtube - respectful comments

Anyone who has every read a comments section on youtube realizes that many of them are toxic. I somehow doubt a brief reminder will change many people’s interactions, but I suppose there is hope.

Glad that the community here has much higher standards and our moderators keep things in pretty good shape.


Learn the skill of ignoring people. You can’t change people as easily as you can ignore them. Noise cancelling headphones help a lot.

Moderators are often unpaid and helped by those who flag and PM.


It is sad cause some of the comments I read on YouTube …seems like some people will say anything then can find to say for a hateful “statement” smh

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Toxic comments will still be around even with the reminder

Sadly there will often be rude comments on youtube. Hopefully the content creators can rise above them and keep up all the great work they are doing

Yea recently I saw a lot of hateful comment against a Cricketer. They weren’t just hateful but it was straight harassment which is really sad.

Yes even the toughest of the tough can succumb to the mean comments left behind. Must take a special type of person to be so willingly mean spirited…

Nice to see YouTube trying to moderate.