1 Motion plus vs 2 motion plus

I am looking for the best sound experience with Anker Soundcore Motion plus speaker, for now I have 1, i am thinking buy one more. What differences are there between 1 speaker and 2 speakers.
I am using HIFI music subscription, using 1 speaker.

Simple answer : You will get “true stereo” after pairing the speakers with this mode (TWS).
All other suggestions have been discussed so far:
Where to locate the speakers, eq, etc.

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Yes, I have the eq configured in the app.
With 2 speakers, the sound is more enveloping or immersive?

Its perfect true stereo!
You should really give it a try
One speaker has 4 built in speakers (2 normal and 2 tweeters) so there is a left and right channel.
I use one motion + in my tiny pensioner’s office at home.
That’s OK.
But I am sure it would improve the sound a lot if using two of these
Believe me!

PS: I own two Flare paired in TWS : GREAT!

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Why did you ask the same question again later in another forum? This community is likely the best place to keep the discussion as its focused on Soundcore products.

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Maybe they didn’t like the answer.

Hahahaha, friend, don’t be confrontational.
I did that post first, then I saw that soundcore had a dedicated forum and I made this post within minutes.
Do not see a problem where there is none

Your post there came in an hour ago which is the reason he asked. I wanted to ask there as well but didn’t know how to word it right

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