1More Sonoflow is much more better than all of the Soundcore scrap

Please people do me a favour: Buy 1more products. There are so much better than the soundcore scrap. And much cheaper.


And 1More loves their customer whereas Soundcore hates their customer. The Soundcore customer support is the worst in the whole industry.


Dang man, sounds like you had an awful experience with these guys. That’s a bummer - I’ve had good luck with customer service when my first set of q45s wouldn’t hold a charge, but I’m looking to get a second set of over the ear ear phones so I definitely will check out One More (almost went with them over the last time Q45’s).

What ones did you have that caused the probs? Just curious, not a big deal if you don’t wanna share.

Good luck man!

I have the onemore SonoFlows and I had the soundcore Q45s soundcore Q45s are much better.

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Whatever you say, 1more employee.