2 P3 but different firmwares?

Hi Just got the Life P3 for my Girlfriend and me. We love them so far (she got the oat white and me black). We were just wondering BC she had to do a firmware update to 2.somthing and mine said it’s up to date with 5.something, now I. Wondering like what? Does it has to do BC she’s a fruit user (apple) and me android or do we miss something?
Greetings Wiesel

The different phone types would cause a different version in the apps per say but not really for the device firmware as that is an update to the device and not the phone.

If guessing, it may be those came from different product batches and there is a slight difference in technology. So If guessing again the 2.xx may be the earlier batch to the 5.xx

This is similar to the soundcore air 2. The techs tweaked the device for improvements for single or double tap.

So the first one was double taps and say the firmware was say 2.xx then
they improved it to allow single taps and that firmware was say 5.xx then
they fixed that and allowed single and double taps and that firmware go to be 10.xx…

So most likely the two p3 has slight changes

Look at the packaging.

Does one say V1.1 hardware and the other say something different?

Easiest for us to show a decent photo of the label on the packaging.

Not the label on the case, they should look the same.

If there is a V1.1 vs (different say) V1.0 then BT should be 5.2 for V1.1 and 5.0 for V1.0

Heya, labels really seem the same, both say iteration 1 and the same product numbers of the in ears… Only the packaging really varies a little bit (like one says SGS energy efficiency and the other one has just a big BLUETOOTH) and the charging case has different numbers on it the black one doesn’t… But that’s it… Both the same batches… And same hardware numbers… Interesting though haha, I wonder what’s the thing with it… I could put a pic up of all the labels, is there anything that could misused if I loads something up? (Like serial number in case of warranty or so?)

Can you see if one says Bluetooth 5.2 and one Bluetooth 5.0?

There are two versions of the A3939, the revised one has BT 5.2 and firmware version 5.6 , other is BT 5.0 and a different firmware version Iguess 2.something from your post).

What I cannot tell is if they released it as a Life P3, I know where was a Life Note 3 XR update (same A3939, different case).

May be you use different phones (Android / Iphone)

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Yeah I thought so aswell but the firmware if the things should be (at least what I think about firmwares the same) the app should probably have different version numbers… (Could be wrong and it is really just that haha)

Found something on the box it sais "A3939011 for the black and A3939021 for the white maybe that’s it… The leaflets like warranty and quickstart guide have other versions aswell (in general the white one is one version ahead)

Haha funny to see, for me atm it’s more out of curiosity now haha

If it is what I am surmising then you should see bluetooth 5.2 vs 5.0 but same A3939 first 4 digits.

Without you confirming my guess I’ll not guess any deeper (and so be more wrong).

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Oh sorry… Don’t see any Bluetooth number on any leaflets, package, descriptions on it sadly

There is no bt version reported on the package / earbuds
You have to find out that by your device the buds are connected to.

Sorry I just don’t know we’re to find the Bluetooth number in the menus…


I checked his buds on the site and both stated p3. So I checked something on the numbering.

I went to soundcore and viewed the different colors and each went up by 10. So 11 were black, 22 were white and other colors were 33, 44, 55 and 66.

So the numbering is for each color.

That’s normal to have different product codes for colours.

I knew there was A3939 hardware version 1.1 with a 5.6 firmware. What I cannot know what they did with it. The difference in firmware for different colours is consistent with the evidence.

I’d email support for clarification.

Does the P3’s have support for LDAC?
Cause I have the L3P’s and when I had my Android phone and enabled LDAC the app also said I had a firmware update to 5. something. Now I’m rocking an iPhone 13 Pro Max (without LDAC support) and the firmware is at 4.75 I think

Edit: Hmm, maybe necroing is frowned upon here, I dunno. But I believe I had the solution


No there’s no mention of ldac

However, I did notice a significant internal electronics change in the A3939 and possibly that’s a step to adding LDAC. They did add LDAC later for the LA2P but that was a higher average cost product than P3.

So I suggest sending a simple email to support asking if they will be adding LDAC to P3.