32hz in eq on soundcore app with update would be nice

This would allow us to truly adjust the bass power instead of 100hz


Most music doesn’t go that low. That being said, contact Soundcore with your suggestion since we don’t work here and they don’t seem to visit the forum anymore.

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32hz controls how much bass you have 100hz only controls how boomy or how much low end you have without my phones 32hz I couldn’t push good sub bass through these my phone has a 32hz and a 64hz :+1:

I still maintain most music doesn’t go lower than 40hz, but whatever. My main point is if you want them to see your request, contact them via the link I provided.

PS I also wonder how many Soundcore Products play under 40hz more than -6db?

PSS My player on my LG G8 that I purchased for ~$5 (PowerAmp) also has a 31hz control, but I have some nice wired HP’s so it might make a difference. I mainly listen to Classic Rock, Motown, and Classical. I use that to EQ and leave the App EQ zeroed out

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Yep I get your point but also was just saying my opinion I did email them :+1:

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