3D Surround Sound for Liberty Air 2 Pro?

Got an update with my Soundcore app today and I saw there’s a 3D Surround Sound under sound mode. How do I use this feature? Doesn’t seem selectable when using my LA2P.

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There are some"surround recordings" around at YT.
But there is not such a 3D feature needed to listen to.
Simple left and right channel of the earbuds or headset.
Mostly these are postprocessed by software, so there is no special feature needed.
Hope you get better answers here than mine.

I do not have that on mine yet but interesting feature. Unsure why that is there without it being selected. They may have accidentally added that to a firmware release.

Or the earbids may can sense 3d audio and just switch to this mode.

You can contact Service@soundcore.com and ask them

Please let us know what they say as well

I suppose there is a special software feature which simulates such 3D.
Same what have been done at the 3D, 8D etc. recordings at YT.

Possible. There’s no firmware update though. Just the companion app has been updated.

This I understand already. Even my phone supports Dolby Atmos. I just wonder how different this is from Apple’s spatial audio and Dolby Atmos.

Give it a try.
All done by software.
There is an old technique from the 70-ies called “arthead stereophony”
Some radio dramas were recorded in these times.
I liked much.
But this was not done by software of course.
You will find more about by “googeling”

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Interesting feature

Wish we had this on L2P… but able to achieve this via the Music (3rd party) app on iPhone

I emailed their support, and sadly, they said that it was just a software bug. :frowning:

I wonder if they even have headphones that have 3D audio? :thinking: