4 NC's keep changing to NORMAL

I recently took 2x 8+ hour flights and had so much trouble with the Liberty 4 NC’s. The most aggravating was that they kept changing to NORMAL and this occurred A LOT often only seconds apart. When it did, I have to go into the app to change it back to noise cancelling. I do not have a control set to change the mode so it shouldn’t be the control function. I suspect it has to do with it identifying if they are in the ear.

Usually it happened when I was adjusting the earbuds, which I did LOT. A separate issue that I cannot get what feels like a good fit. They never feel inserted or seal well. A number of times, when I was not fiddling with fit, it would change to NORMAL mode.

Any suggestions? I’m so disappointed in these. I bought these specifically for this flight. When they worked, they worked great. But the slightest movement caused them to leak, or change into NORMAL mode.