44.99 Liberty Air 2 pro This is a steal

Limited-time deal: Anker Soundcore Liberty Air 2 Pro True Wireless Earbuds, Targeted Active Noise Cancelling, PureNote Technology, LDAC, 6 Mics for Calls, 26H Playtime, HearID Personalized EQ, Wireless Charging https://a.co/d/7XbJkWY


That’s a smoking hot deal!!!

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I saw something similar on Soundcore like several weeks ago. I actually got a pair and gave to my favorite coworker who is retiring.

If having seen the L4 launch info you still want the LA2P then I’d grab the deal.

There’s something odd going on with the supply side, factory hiccup or something. There’s possibility as priority goes to L4 stock build-up the LA2P gets less available with less often discount, at least for a while. Counter intuitive, doesn’t usually go this way.

$150 vs less than $50. I’d go with the LA2P everyday for that price and twice on Sundays. The LA2P was their top of the line stick Earbud. It also has LDAC.

I’m not saying the L4 isn’t probably a little better, but no way it’s over 3 times better!

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Absolutely true at this moment in time.

However, depending which country you’re in, the LA2P is discounted (deal ends today on their website) while the L4 is not discounted and only available from their site not from Amazon (due end October black, December White) and USA only. Says “ship to USA only” implies it would ship currently from China.

Also reviews are before the usual expected firmware updates to L4 so the mixed reviews may become more positive.

Next week by end of month, could well be a different conclusion.

The LA2P out of stock on their site for some colours while L4 in stock later US only, not for sale in other countries, implies the factory is pivoting manufacturing from LA2P to L4, so cannot discount L4 while insufficient stock to meet demand, but that’s a guess.

Fortunately those who were waiting for the L4 and now see it can get these LA2P now at good prices while available.

Guessing at L4 discount is 20% off $120 as soon as stock up, which may be as soon as next week but more likely late October based purely off Amazon shipping dates.

Reviews of L4 not sounding as good as L3P implies engineering challenge shrinking ACAA which in turn implies L3P successor not soon.

Not sure what I can or camt say but my possibly factual or made up opinion is the 4 sound better Than the 3 pro. Better clarity with wider Soundstage. Picky audio said it perfectly in his review of the 4. Id def check his review out on but to me its crazu cuz Somehow soundcore continues to get better and better. They do need to improve their anc modes and transparency modes tho. They’re both good on pairs they have but if they kept sound as is on some a these but really greatly focused on anc and transparency there’s not a pair that would beat them. For sound there’s not in my opinion but obviously some better pairs for anc at 1
5 to 2x the cost but it’s still better. Best transparency I’ve found on set of tws have been the edifier w240tn. They have a slider that can amplify the sound and it works really really well. I’d love to see soundcore offer that same feature

Escrow ended if you were in beta, so long as it’s your opinion then you’re fine.