A Day in the Life of a Copywriter

As a lot of you know, I’m the Senior Copywriter here at Soundcore. But what does a Copywriter do? Well, in addition to writing articles for the Collective and occasionally recording an episode of our Soundcore Stories podcast, I also spend my days at Soundcore HQ working on a whole variety of different projects. So, today I’m bringing you along for a day in my life.

I set off at around 8am to walk to the bus stop and then I wait for what feels like forever until the nice air-conditioned bus turns up and I can escape the summer heat for a while. I like listening to podcasts on my way to work and this morning I used my Life P3s to listen to an episode of You Must Remember This. Does anyone else listen to this podcast? Let me know in the comments if you do.

I sit with the Soundcore design team so I have a quick chat with them when I arrive at the office and then we get to work. This morning, I’ve been working with Chloe (one of our designers) on the visuals for this article to make sure it’s eye-catching and matches the style of our post.

10.30am - 12:30pm
This morning I had to finish writing some ads, proofread a whole bunch of different packaging samples, and write the subtitles for a video. This is the best part of being a Copywriter, because I get to work on lots of different projects, so I never get bored doing the same task over and over again.

After a meal in the staff canteen, I braved the midday heat to get myself an ice cream :icecream: and it was totally worth it, even though I nearly melted.

@sean.L , @Winniew95, @william.ward, and I had a very exciting meeting where we discussed some ideas for next month on the Collective. What could it be? You’ll just have to wait and find out…

3pm - 5:59pm

A 100% not staged photo of me hard at work writing this article :laughing:

In between more meetings, I snuck off to a quiet corner of the office to write this article and work on a couple of urgent tasks that were sent to me and needed to be finished before I left for the day.

Time to go home… It’s back to the bus stop and tonight I’m listening to my Summer playlist (on Life P3, again) because nothing beats listening to feel good music on a hot summer evening.

Do you have any questions about being a copywriter at Soundcore? Let’s chat in the comments :grinning:


Thanks for the inside look! I always enjoy getting to see professions from different companies and how they might be similar or different.

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The drawing at the top of the page along with gif caught my eye to read this article, so mission accomplished!

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Should I write report?

"A day of a pensioner"!

6:30 Getting up.
6:40 Blood pressure check. (good 130:90 perfect for the morning)
7:00 Preparing a tea.
7:10 Taking my 2 pills.
7:20 Checking emails, writing useless comments here and at Anker’s forum.
8:00 Small breakfast : 1 Breze (enough for today).
9:00 Decided to cut some wood.
11:00 Wood cut done. (Getting hot in the yard, good I am already finished).
12:00 Cleaning the yard , the wood is stacked and I repaired the saw horse.
13:00 Have done my wife’s orders buying things in the super market.
Hoping there was no mistake.
14:30 All things are good she said, so I get a meal.
15:00 Doing some garden work.
16:00 Taking a look at the computer.
17:00 Repairing daughter’s bike (bicycle tube -> pffft).
18:00 Exhausted, pretty hot outside -> sitting in the garden : a beer.
19:00 Still sitting in the garden : another beer.
20:00 A small meal…
21:00 Taking a look at the computer, writing comments and emails.
22:00 Bed, reading a book.
24:00 Sleeping as far I remember.

Its not an easy life being a pensioner. :rofl:


I’ve never seen you write a “useless” comment!! Ha ha!!

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Ice cream is always worth it in my opinion. Really nice thread I like that they are doing this. I wonder what a day as a product engineer is like or as the ceo is like

Sounds like a nice day!

We’ll be sharing some more Day in the Life articles soon so keep an eye out for them :grinning:

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Very nice colorful graphic design and a very interesting article :+1:t2:.
Thanks for the photo.
The first time I see “Mystery Hannah :slightly_smiling_face:” from the weekly updates.

Thought the idea of retirement was to have a quieter less scheduled day to day existence :wink:

Thanks for sharing @Hannah its always nice to get learn more about the companies we buy from and learn more those working there.

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That was an interesting inside look!