ABBA score first UK Top 10 in 40 years

It is a successful return to the music world.
It’s hard to believe, and yet …


Good for them. Funny how we had been talking about them for the last several weeks for their past stuff

:thinking: Maybe you have to listen to it a couple of times for a few days and then we say, “This is a hit!”

WOW, I’ll give it a listen. Thanks for posting this! :+1:

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Yeah I heard a couple this past week on BBC one. And not a fan.

Good for them to score a top ten hit, I’ll change the channel next time :wink:

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:thinking: People are sentimental and hence the good result of this recording.
There is also “attachment to the ABBA brand :slightly_smiling_face:” .

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I think people are missing music from old good days. So they are listening every song from old bands