*Accidentally runs p3's in washer after a month of having em*

It’s been 2 months since this has happened. Left doesn’t work anymore, right works great. Still sad I don’t have nose cancelling our superior sleep anymore. Recommend not accidentally running em in the washer. Your welcome

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Top tips:

  • tend to avoid TWS buds, reduce their use as much as possible. Instead use headphones or the wired-around-neck type as much as possible.
  • check your pockets before putting in wash. Good for also not washing phones, bubblegum, etc.
  • handwash clothes, they last longer. When you drain the cleaner water then put down the toilet, saves water too. So own a bucket.
  • own less clothes in general, the bucket will make them last longer
  • Use the 3 method. 1 clothes being worn. 2 is in the wash (bucket). 3 is drying.
  • try to avoid owning cotton, it dries slower. The 3 method likes wool, polycotton.

I just helped you for the next 45 years.

Sorry for the issue. That sucks

To be honest, I would use the self washing method if I didnt have so much on my hands, but I got way too much to worry about. And I do check my pockets, but ig I slipped that pocket somehow. I keep em next to me all the time now so I dont break the other one. Also headphones are a good idea but I prefer in ear phones just for how small they are. And there not bad, they’re actually pretty great actually. And as always, just in case I loose them, I wanna listen in stereo, or they die, I always got a pair of wired headphones around my neck. (They just got less bass and are very noisy In the wire, still really high quality in audio) so imma stick with this until something happens. Thanks for the tip tho

Yea, I’ll be fine, I got backup headphones.

So, I can not guarantee that this may work but we have had a few members state that it worked for them.

If you do find another left p3 for cheap, you may be able to “pair” the different earbuds together. Although I have not had to try it but there was like about two who stated it worked for them (although I am unsure of what earbuds they paired together from two different sets).

Best would be not to wash clothes.
We the Neanderthaler do this. :rofl:

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That sucks, I did that on a pair as well, but I also ran mine through the dryer for about 20 minutes before I released it. I can’t tell if it’s the case that was ruined or the earbuds were damaged. Battery on the case and earbuds were drained.

Ibthought Neanderthales don’t wear clothes at all :joy:


No all humans wore clothes as we needed to after shedding so much hair.

But the point I was making is handwashing clothes tends to make everything last longer. I’ve been doing it for probably 15 years now and most of my clothes are 10-15 years old. It is not much effort at all, about the same effort as using a washing machine. The technique also means can travel the world with little luggage.

You still though need to check all the pockets.

That’s a bummer. I bet you won’t do something like that again. Live and learn.

No no!
We are wearing nice furs from mammoths and/or cave bears.
But not designed by DIOR. :grin:

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