Active lifestyle product comparisons

They also added the eartips which is the main different in sound. It’s the only reason they’re usable- whereas I can’t actually listen to audio on AirPods 1/2 without being sad and giving up.

I really don’t think that over ear headphones would be good for you.

Check out the soundcore spirit X2

They’re true wireless, but they have the ear hooks still. They also have sweat proofing. It’s better then an IP rating because it’s built to withstand the salt and acid in sweat.

I’m trying to change my current setup, which is an ipod classic 160gb, which doesn’t have great audio, (there are better ones) and use my Xiaomi MI A2 Lite for that with a 256gb sd card (i can sync itunes playlists with SyncMate),the audio is not that great coming out of the headphone jack, the only reason i still use the ipod is for its song management, creating playlists without a hassle, i’m also a music enthusiast but not a big fan of a thumping bass, dance music is fine for that, but i’m more into classic rock and prog, classical music and jazz, the over the ear headphones would be for the office or around the house, and in some cases when i’m out and about and no sweat is involved, or expected. on the street i would use the earphones, so i thought of buying a headphone or earphone that i could connect with a portable amp or it would sound good enough through bluetooth, even though i prefer wired connections, less batteries to charge or extra things to carry and @TechMan, I agree on your assessment on mac earphones, i’ve been an apple user since the 80’s and not once i have bought headphones from apple or an iphone, i never even bothered using the earphones that came back then with my Ipod, they are horrible and i’m not a purist, but I like music that sound right, sennheiser have been my first choice for years, but I heard good things about soundcore, so I’m willing to give it a try, so what do you think @TechMan, @Tank? @kumar.sachin what do you think?

If you want suggestions on soundcore over ear headphones, then @kumar.sachin is the man to talk to. iirc he has the most over ear headsets from soundcore.

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Likewise for @tank is the guy for true wireless earbuds, he has and tested every model that soundcore released so far.

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if you like wired headphones then depending on your budget there are plenty of choices. You rightly are using Sennheiser since they are amazing at reproducing sound. PX100ii and HD598 are my personal favorites. If you don’t mind a little colored sound then try Grado SR80e.
For the wireless soundcore ones - I will only suggest Soundcore Vortex. Rest are not worth trying.