Active lifestyle product comparisons

I’m interested on knowing your opinions regarding the right headphones for an active lifestyle, I walk a lot and ride my bicycle to work, so… sweat is a given, are any of the true wireless headphones good for that purpose? or should i stick to the spirit line? every now and then i have to answer the phone while i’m riding or walking outside , how is the sound quality on those? any real world experience on Life Q20 while i’m at the office?

I personally did not like the q20, overhyped and doesnt deliver.

Now for sweatguard tech, I would stick with the spirit line. The spirit x2 seems to be a great fit for what your doing since it has ear hooks so bbn o worry about them falling out

I agree with @Tank and was about to post the same.

The q20 are meh. I don’t hate them as much as rob does, but I wouldn’t recommend them either.

The spirit X2 sound pretty much perfect for you.

For active use, namely walking and cycling I would avoid the over ear headphone options and stick to in-ear variations, for a more secure fit…

As mentioned by @Tank & @TechMan the Spirit X2 sound like a good fit for you’re activities or if you aren’t fussed with true wireless variations the original Spirit X could also be a good choice :slightly_smiling_face:

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I like my life q20s, but not as much of an expert on all the options out there as some here. They do tend to make my ears sweat even without heavy exertion, just the close fit well do that.
The spirit x or x2 is definitely what I would be looking at for hard exercise.

Take a look to the Spirit X or the updated version of those Spirits.
Perfect with those earhooks.

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I use Spirit X and like them. And you get them cheap now around $30 with so many deals going…

Spirit X are nice, or AirPod Pros would also be a good option especially when in the bike.

Airpods pro sound like trash

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Everything sounds like trash if you listen to the wrong music.

The Bears pro wireless are also pretty convenient on the go.

Um, no the airpods pro do sound like trash. They used the same driver as the original airpods with slight tweaks to enhance the frequency range by adding a vent, the only difference is they added ANC and a transparency mode. So yes they still sound like crap.

Using them now and they aren’t that bad to be honest.

@Chiquinho @Ice @Alejandro_Rubalcaba :+1: Spirit X!

Nothing more to say but … Spirit X simply rocks! Best one for comfort for ears ( & years) and excellent sound quality!

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When I got my sport air I gave away my spirit X. Much prefer the sport air

I have to agree with @Tank, @Techman , and the rest go with the Spirit line. I had the original Spirits then the Spirit X and love them. I plan on getting a pair of the Spirit X2 at some point. I think these would be a great for your needs.

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bears pro wireless?

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so the space NC is a better choice?

BEATS* sorry for the typo

no problem