Aerofit pro change sound during jogging /cycling

Hi folks, just wondering if only myself have this problem… When jogging or cycling after sweat getting inside headphones it significantly changes sound making it absolutely unpleasant. Does someone facing the same problem? How do you manage it, any chance to keep sound properly? Thanks

You are not alone. I noticed it as well. Always happens when I am working out as well and in most cases when I am running 30 plus minutes. The sound profile definitely changes and it becomes unpleasant as you stated. When it happens I always end up taking them off my ear and let them dangle on my neck. I have tried a variety of things. Changing the source, opening the sound core app and changing the sound profile, turning them off and on and nothing fixes the issue so far. Only thing that works is reconnecting them hours later. Never thought it has to do with sweat however. Could be the drivers overheating during long workouts? Thing is I only use the Aerofit pros when working out and the occasional Youtube video when I am not so I do not have them playing 30 plus minutes continuously when not exercising. Something worth trying though. Hopefully someone from Soundcore reads this.

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Yep, thank you for sharing your experience. Absolutely true it is happening because of the sweat come inside headphones… So when it dry then sound come back again. I think the only one way to prevent this is to use something like head band or cap… But most important that no any review mention it on youtube and highlight this huge problem… Or they just test it and never working out with aerofit pro headphones. Let’s wait what @support team will suggest…