Ambient Noise? Really?

For persons with SPD & Hyperosmia sufferers - can you please create tracks with less INVASIVE Presets. There are Areas in the Tracks that give me
Anxiety Attacks. If you know anyone that NEEDS Ambient Noise to shut out Truly Difficult Noise & Sound, it is Certainly
NOT: Wind Chimes, The Dripping of a Faucet, Ticking of a clock, or Most certainly NOT Birds loudly Randomly in your ear. Waves at the Beach at calming tone, The wind - calming tones, NOT the Waves +Thunder all of a sudden scaring you.
My hearing is Like a Wolf. I will hear things only a Dog can hear.
Hence the need for True Noice Cancelling & CALMING Ambient Noise.

Think Why people need you.

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Some great ideas here. Hopefully they will take note and expand the selection.