Anker boost connecting with 2 motion+

Hello, is it possible to connect anker boost with 2 motion+?

I know that motion + has so called TWS.
The old model of the boost had not such one.
The latest model got such a TWS,
but I think only two of the same model can be paired.
You should ask the support.
btw : TWS -> Only 2 speakers can be paired (left and right channel)

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No, that can’t be done.


Although you have your answer here , there’s a wonderful aspect to several of soundcores speakers. It is their partycast technology. It allows different speaker to comment to each other. This allows up to 100 speakers to be paired.

So as you look for speakers remember about this as it may help you in your decision on additional speakers to buy

Indirect its possible but probably not.

The original boost had an AUX socket, the Motion+ does also so you could connect then wired via a splitter. The issue is the latency is different across speakers. You can certainly try it if you have the original Boost. The Boost “upgraded” model dropped the AUX socket. Take a look at your Boost.

The Boost upgraded does support pairing with another Boost upgraded.

Motion+ can pair with another Motion+

So either you own the original Boost so could try a wired splitter. If you can and do then let us know how well that works. Or buy another Boost upgraded. You can already pair the 2 Motion+