Anker Liberty 4NC

Liberty 4NC. Overall the Ankers win hands down. I think they have the best sound and by far the best wind resistance. After you load up their app and connect to the buds it gives you a hearing test to give a base level of response, then gives a bunch of A-B comparisons to a piece of music asking which one you prefer as it tweaks the response curve. I think the end result is great, but I’m no audiophile and am 65, so take that for what it is worth. The other two are good, too (I rate the 1more buds above the earfun’s, but I like them all). I got the 1mores first, and if I were only going by sound quality I’d have stopped there (glad I didn’t, but I didn’t know that at the time!). I usually listen to them when I ride my bike on a local rails-to-trails path. The downfall of the 1mores is that there is a lot of wind noise that comes through. Noise cancelling overall is good, but not for wind. So I saw the earfuns on sale, so tried them. Much better wind noise reduction, but still more than I’d like. Finally I saw these and bought a pair on their launch. As I mentioned above the sound is great, and the wind noise reduction is very good.

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