Anker p20i ,problem

Please, I bought it anker p20i I have a problem when I turn down the volume, I hear noises like:shhhhhh This happened an hour after I bought it. I mean, it is new. I updated it and also did a reset, but the problem was not solved. Can you help me anybody? What should I do?:cry:

Same idk why

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Did u find a solution?

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Where did u buy it ?

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between me and support

I tried it on modern phones and it was fine, but when I connected to my phone the problem appeared. The Bluetooth version for my phone is 4.2 Could this be the reason for that noise when the volume is low or in moments of silence that sound is similar to…((Shhhhhhh) Is it possible to solve it with updates? I will wait ? and not return the product , as it is not compatible with my phone

I am from Egypt and I bought it from Amazon Egypt and I submitted a request to replace it and it will be done. There is no problem with that, but I discovered that the malfunction is due to the Bluetooth version of my phone. 4.2 And p20i 5.3 This is because I tried it on recent versions of Bluetooth and other devices, and I confirmed that the problem is a problem of compatibility between Bluetooth versions, and the product does not have any defects, according to my conclusion. Am I right? That is my question. Can it be resolved in future updates? If that will happen, I will cancel the replacement request. If it is not resolved, I will get my money back from Amazon and I will not get another product of the same product due to the lack of compatibility between my device and the product. Please respond. Thank you

SoundCore Support Team:

It sounds like you’ve identified the issue as a compatibility problem between the Bluetooth version of your phone (4.2) and the Anker P20i (5.3). While Bluetooth 5.3 is designed to be backward compatible with previous versions, certain features and optimizations may not work as intended with older Bluetooth versions, which could potentially cause issues like the one you’re experiencing.

Unfortunately, as a customer agent, I do not have the capability to confirm whether future updates will resolve compatibility issues between different Bluetooth versions. Typically, such compatibility is determined by hardware capabilities and Bluetooth standards, and it may not be something that can be addressed through a firmware update. If you are concerned about the compatibility of the Anker P20i with your current phone and do not plan to upgrade your phone to one with a newer Bluetooth version, it may be best to proceed with the replacement or return process through Amazon Egypt as you initially planned. If you have any further questions or need assistance with the replacement or return process, please let me know.


Thank you. Can you report the problem to the officials? So they know about it during updates I 4.2 Bluetooth version.

SoundCore Support Team:

Thank you for your reply.

I sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused.

However, we are very sorry to say that this issue may not be optimized in future versions.

Please let us know if you have any additional needs or worries.

Enjoy your amazing day!

Amazon Egypt

عايز اكلمك برايفت

مش عايز اصدمك بي انا بستخدم iphone 14 pro max والايفون دا البلوتوث الفيرجن بتاعته 5.3

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