Anker Pouches (headphone, accessories pouch)

Some Anker/Soundcore products come with carry pouches which are great but not available separately.

If people use pouches to carry their earphones/cables etc. What other options are out there?

** Anyone have a recent product Anker pouch they don’t need? **

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You might try contacting support. They might sell them on the cheap. I’ve ordered replacement parts for my Roav Dash Cam and it was only few dollars for the replacements.

I think I have some extra pouches from Anker batteries.

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@element321 - I think I’ve worn out Support at the moment with the Liberty 2 Pro delivery/noise issues I’ve experienced, but thanks for suggestion :+1:

@Rhapsody - If you would like to forward them on, I would gladly pay for postage/shipping (I’m in U.K.)

Look forward to other ideas :+1:

Cheers :headphones::notes:

Curious what you wish to do with it?

Hi. Well, the L2P headphones come in a nice case, but it would be nice to put that case in a pouch to protect it :+1:

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I put mine in my poweline II+ case for extra water protection and general protection while walking on univ campus even though they are in my backpack as well.


That’s the ticket, although I prefer a pouch which is a bit easier to carry

Agreed. Something more form fitting to the actual charging case. But for now. That will work for me

@Zolitare just did a spring cleaning and found the Anker pouch, approximately 3’ by almost 5. Do you still want it?

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I have so many microfiber pouches from sunglasses that I use for cable and earbud storage. Might want to dig in the junk drawer/basket find something like that. :wink:

I wouldn’t mind one if possible, I can message info & postage costs

Thank you

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So they sell replacements for some things, but not for lost headphone charging cases. Sad.

I think those cases are somehow linked to the earphones so it can’t be linked. I do want some of those hard case cable holders.

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This is why I am using a mesh pouch at times for the pros. I wanted to keep my cord with the earbuds. Plus I did not want to forget them and they end up getting washed in my pants. Lol

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I have a bunch of small pouches and hard shell cases to put whatever into. And I end up using the most general purpose of them all with a bunch of things inside, just because it is easiest.

I do the same. I think it is funny as I remember my grandad and dad carrying change and knives in their pockets all the times and here I am with pouches of cords and earbuds in mine. lol.