Anker Soundcore Liberty 2 Pro Wireless Earbuds

I must say, I’m disappointed with these earbuds. Not because of the sound - and btw, if you have these earbuds you must download the Soundcore App or you’ll never get the volume or equalizer benefit.
But these buds are great if you’re lying on your couch or going for a stroll. DON’T buy them if you’re going to wear them primarily at the gym - which is why I bought them. They stick out of one’s ears a bit too much, so if you raise your arm to wipe the sweat off your head and you hit the bud, it falls out because ears sweat. That’s another problem. I always have to take them out mid-stream on the treadmill to dry them and my ears. Sorry to complain. If I could, I’d trade them in for the earbuds that have the stem on them.