Anker Soundcore Life A1 right earbud always "charging" in charging case. Light indicator wont turn off

Hello, its been a week since I’ve had this problem.

My right earbud does not want to stop “charging” when it’s put back in the charging case. The earbud works correctly (it disconnects from blue tooth when put in the case and reconnects to my bluetooth phone when taken out of the case). It’s draining my charging case’s battery because it seems like the right earbud is always on.

I’ve included a video I made on youtube link of the problem I am experiencing

When opening the charging case, the right earbud’s light stays on while the left earbud’s light is off. The right earbud acts like its charging even though its fully charged. The left earbud acts correctly. After the left earbud is fully charged, the left earbud does not turn on the battery case lights and the light stays off when flipping the charging case open.

I thought maybe it’s taking forever to charge the earbuds but its been a week like this. The right earbud is fulyl charged. My left earbud charges correctly and the light turns off.

I’ve cleaned the metal contact pieces with ~90% isopropyl alcohol to try to solve the problem but the problem still persists. I’ve tried manually turning off the earbud and putting it back in the case but the issue also still persists.

I am wondering if I have to warranty these earbuds. I’ve only had them for less then a month before these problems came up

I’ve have issues with another one of their products.

Couple of things to try. I know you cleaned it but check and see if there’s any debris on the contacts. Sometimes cleaning doesn’t always work, I’ve had to wipe them down several times.

The other is to check see of the earpads are not to big. On one my pairs, the earpads were big enough it cause the lid to not completely close so one earbud would charge while the other wouldn’t.

If those steps don’t work, contact support. Make sure to tell them what you tried and send the link to the video.

I would contact Customer Support and see if they have any suggestions. It may be that you have to warranty them.