Anker soundcore life dot 2 right ear but isnt working

Its been less than 10h that I got them, and the right earbud stopped working, reseted them and tried everything. I don’t even hear the boot up sound. Should I try something or just ask for an replacement?

Replacing does involve some effort on your part, probably the best option but ideas:

You may simply have a confused system, so I’d try the most commonly successful methods:

  • check visually for debris (right earbud, case) which may be interfering with reset signals from case to buds. May involve magnifying glass and flashlight. Clean with alcohol.
  • the case may be itself confused, not sending reset instructions correctly to the buds, so plug case into power, keep it plugged in, once the above cleaning is dried, buds into case, then follow reset while case powered.
  • delete pairings and reboot phone.
  • try different phone (just in case something weird with your phone)

Gut instinct on your words is you have a dud unit and a replacement is best but if you do manage to get it work via the above please reply back.

Ive tried that but they were less than 10h old no way debris got into them, but I’ve got replacements and they work fine. Thank you

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