Anker Wakey - control white noise button?

I just got the Wakey. It’s a very classy looking machine. One of the features I was looking forward to is the white noise (Superior Sleep) function. I thought there was supposed to be a way to turn it on/off on the clock itself, but I can’t find it. See the screenshot from the Soundcore website that makes this promise. Can anyone help me?

I don’t know how to do it directly on the wakey but I know for certain that it can be done through the app. I will play around to see if there is a way to do it just on the wakey itself but I do believe must of the features require it to be connected using Bluetooth to your phone

The reason I don’t have this yet is the number of things that can only be done by phone. It makes so much sense to have all the options, but my phone really isn’t the best interface for the things that need to be done at bedtime.

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I don’t have the wakey but that feature might be available when you connect it to the app

Yes, I can use the feature from the app. I was hoping I could also turn it on or off from the clock itself.

Hmmm @Loz this is definitely something that needs attention because if it is a feature customers would love to know how to use it. If not then it boarders on the line of false advertisement in which case it needs to be revised . I know the touchpad does allow users to control the radio, the volume, even playing and pausing music, and alarms to a certain extent, however there does not appear to be a way to control white noise. I will continue experimenting for now

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Thanks for looking into it! :raised_hands:

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