Annoying Crackling/Rattling Sound on Left Ear - Q45

Hello, can someone help?

I tried everything and the problem still persists. I can’t claim warranty because I bought this from another store (sucks) and they have no aftersales support in my country.

Did someone experience crackling sound using ANC in Q45? The rattling seems to be minimized when I’m using the normal mode, but when I use NC or Transparency mode, the left ear part sounds as if it was in a can or something.

Any advice? I did all basic troubleshooting already

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Same here. When I turned on the ANC, a crackling started in my right ear. It’s like some digital noise. I have tried rebooting, charging, and resetting, but nothing has helped. I cannot return the product to the seller as the shipping would be at my expense and it would be very expensive. However, there is no such issue in normal mode or transparency mode.