Anyone else here think that it's a huge shame the Space Q45 is so Bad?

Hello you all. I have owned both the Soundcore Life Tune (retail Version of Q30) and Space Q45 at one point. Full disclosure, I am a basshead. So the Q30 blew me away with it’s incredible bass. I then got the Space Q45 based on all the lying YouTube reviewers saying that they were blown away by the bass. Sure enough, when I listened to a bassy song which would’ve rumbled and thumped my ears with the Q30, the Q45 felt like such a massive downgrade. I mean there’s barely any bass to speak of.

I also shame all the YouTube reviewers who critiqued the Q35 for it’s bass. Who tf doesn’t like Bass? It’s a vibe, and I don’t understand why you would critisize it so much, to the point, where soundcore listened to those idiots, and cut the base down completely.

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Damn. I JUST bought the space 45 headset, bit I only because they were out of the q30’s. First chance I get, I’m buying the q-30’s for sure!