Anyone have some equalizer recommendations for Soundcore Select Pro?

I’m trying to find a good equalizer for my music to sound decent

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Search by using the magnifier option upper right corner. (beside your avatar)
There is much written about eqs.
You will learn there all you need.
And don’t forget learning by doing is recommended. :grin:

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I agree with @Chiquinho. Your best bet is to just get in the App and experiment until you find something that sounds good to you. Everyone has different tastes when it comes to sound.

All that being said, this my EQ from the Motion Boom, but I change it depending on the recording and where I’m listening to it at (Inside, outside - room acoustics or lack thereof).

PS Bass sliders are on the Left, Mids in the Middle, and Treble (Highs) to the Right. Good luck


EQ settings are very individual. It deoends on your hearing ability and preferences

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Watch this video from Alan Ross

The best settings that I already used

if you want clear bass and treble, stock settings are terrible, turn on surround virtualizer for device, and volume leveler, tune it to sound good stock, then use its app to tune it, its complicated, but make the app like a W with the middle, highs and lows fighting it. i think the reason mine sounds this way, is somehow its pushining over its limits with my phone, already destroyed my driver side speaker in my fosgate equipped car at spec, even under.