Anyone use Lossy audio codecs here?

Always an interesting debate. I personally keep all my stored audio as Lossless, but if its something I plan to stream or upload to Google Music I’ll convert to lossy.

  • Yes
  • No
  • Sometimes
  • A what??

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Haven’t really used lossy for a quite while now in my personal collection (use at work for obvious size reasons), started converting to ALAC format about 4 years ago due to FLAC having limited to no support on the devices I had, not looked back…

Whilst I ashamedly am unable to answer this question, I’m extremely happy to see it here in the Collective. Let’s get more audiophiles in here :smiley:

FLAC :wink: Works fine under LINUX and the player I use.

And tell me what are they?

Lossy codecs are audio compression standards such as mp3, AAC, WMA and Vorbis which make audio track sizes smaller by omitting data from the audio stream.

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Nothing to be ashamed of!

Here’s a good resource to learn more:

Oh I forgot VORBIS.
But this is a “special” format. mostly used under LINUX as far I know.
Dont use this, because I play my music as well with my Android tablet.
Havent checked if works.
But VBL should play quite all formats.

I initially hit a o as I was falling asleep and didnt realize what I was reading. But I do try to use lossless coding when I can and if it’s available. All depends what I’m using or trying to convert

I would prefer FLAC, but really it is whatever is convenient when I need some music.

Very good informative post! I use mostly MP3 and AAC - used mostly on my iPhone and iPad, works good so far…

Mac is always a little different. :wink:
They like labouring on their own.
If this is really good?

But we should not forget, that audio on a CD is already compressed.
When ripping to mp3 it losses again.
So VORBIS or FLAC is quite the best.