Are App EQ Settings Not Retained On Earbuds?

With most earbuds I’ve owned, when I set the EQ settings in the app, the are hardwired and remembered semi-permanently on the device. Thus when I used my earbuds with other devices like my Apple TV, the changes are retained.

I split usage of my earbuds between my iPhone and my Apple TV. I find the default sound to be great but have too much treble. So, I like to use the BASS BOOSTER EQ on the app, or dial in my own.

However, when I go to use the earbuds with my Apple TV or my computer, it just reverts back to it’s normal default factory sound with no BASS BOOSTER applied. It almost seems that EQ settings are not retained in the earbuds but only in the app. Every time I recharge my earbuds, the EQ goes back to stock default sounding.

The control settings changes I make in the app are retained at all times however. It’s just the sound (EQ) that are not, and I have to pair with my iPhone, open the app, apply the EQ I want, then unpair, and go use them with my Apple TV which is a huge pain.

Essentially I want my EQ settings to be retained on the earbuds semi-permanently the way the control customization settings are so I have the same sound with these earbuds whether I use them on my iPhone, Apple TV (or any other device).

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My Soundcore Earbuds (L3P, L2P+, LA2P) retain their EQ settings.

Which Earbuds are you having an issue with?

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I have the Liberty Air 2.

I’ve tried everything from resetting the earbuds, removing the app and re-installing, etc.

But, every time I charge my buds, they lose my sound settings and revert back to stock sound.
HearID, EQ are all lost.

My custom tap control settings are always retained though… baked into the earbuds.

So I have to open the app and deselect my EQ (or disable/enable HearID) and reselect and then bam the new sound applies.

Should I have to open the app and re-apply EQ/Hear ID every time?

With my Soundpeats H1, the EQ settings are baked into the earbuds and will stay no matter what device I use. I never have to use the app ever again.

Maybe the buds got confused and not saving to NVRAM or the oairing isn’t sending the data crrectly…

Phone: Delete your pairing, disable bluetooth, boot to recovery, wipe cache (not data), boot.
Buds: connect case to power, leave power connected, buds in case, lid open press hold the case reset button, wait 3 minutes.
Phone: enable bluetooth then pair.


Thanks for the reply. Since I have an iPhone, there is no recovery mode AFAIK.

But, I’ve deleted the app, restarted, re-installed the app, did a hard reset of the earbuds, re-paired and logged in to the app again, re-applied my touch control settings, then the EQ.

As before, the touch control settings are saved on the buds, but not the EQ. As soon as I put the earbuds back in their case to power down/charge, the sound on the buds goes back to the stock sound.

I kind of figured the app was only necessary to use once, or when you want to change your settings at some point. That’s how my Soundpeats H1 work. You set once, and never need the app again.

It seems silly that whenever I want to use my Liberty Air 2s, I have to pair with my phone and open the app, then turn on my HearID/EQ, then leave the app, then use my earbuds.

I’ve noticed something even more weird.
Let’s say I set my EQ. Then I put one earbud in the case to charge it. Later when I pull it out, it will be playing the default stock EQ and the other one will be playing the EQ I set in the app. So 2 completely different sounds.

It seems that putting the earbuds in the charger, they completely lose EQ settings.

It surely seems that the EQ settings in the app are NOT saved in hardware on the earbuds as is the case with other brands.

I think some people believe it is but just don’t notice the difference in sound. Try make a completely crazy EQ setting, turn off all the bass or all the treble, then put your earbuds into the charger, then take out and try to play music, or use them with another device.

Another weird thing I notice with these is that despite being rated for 7 hours, I’m only getting 5.5 hours battery on the right earbud (at 40% volume) and 9.5 hours on the left.

Asymmetric battery drain is very normal. One bud takes the role of master, hosting microphone, usually whichever bud is taken out of the case first.

I have the LA2.

When you correctly paired you were offered and accepted the L bud.

When you begin with both buds in case and off, and take the L bud out first, it connects, and then the L bud drains faster if you then take the R bud out also.

If you did pair correctly, and one bud always drains faster regardless of which is master, then that’s a hardware fault or aging. Aging is evened up across buds if you alternate the master.

I don’t have experience with EQ settings, I turn any bass heavy default off and use and forget. You may be correct if they aren’t saved.

Thanks I will try today with pairing my left one first.

So you set your EQ to reduce bass in the app? Then you never have to use the app again because this setting is saved in the earbuds?

No you don’t pair L first, you simply pair normally and then it offers the L bud after you paired R bud, then you simply take the L bud out first, it then connects.

A few people ignored the L pairing and so force the R to not only master mic but forward the media to the R, the battery life difference is then a factor of 2. Yours is less than that so appears you paired correctly.

I barely use my LA2, they fall out so easily. Not sure if EQ settings saved. I also disable touch controls as the falling out hasme pushing them back in triggering the touch controls.

I only carry my LA2 for the odd photo opportunity. Soundcore has yet to make anything I’d take with me, possibly except the Frames for which I’m waiting weeks to get a voucher to purchase.

My issue more or less the same like yours as discussed below for your reference:

U may email soundcore to verify.
My issue still persist but I gave it to my friend as present, so far no complain from my friend

It’s strange that there is a nearly 4 hour battery difference between the 2 earbuds. I didn’t have this with my Soundpeats H1… The H1’s show up as one earbud, they can be swapped out seamlessly with no delay and battery is even for both.

I tried what you said about pairing both L and R and it works decently (though cumbersome) with my iPhone but not with my Apple TV.

It’s too bad that these earbuds won’t save EQ settings in the earbuds to be used across multiple devices.

Interesting. Yes it’s odd that the True Air 2 won’t save EQ settings in hardware like other earbuds. You shouldn’t have to use the app to enable EQ every time, just to change settings if you want.

So I returned my first pair and got a 2nd pair of Liberty 2 Airs and same problem… they won’t retain their EQ settings and revert back to normal after being charged in their case.

It seems that Liberty 2 Air do not permanently keep their EQ settings stored in the earbuds the way other brands do.

Do not know if the air 2 are doing it but are you signed into app? If not signed in the most likely won’t keep

I’ve had this mentioned before and it makes me think that people do not understand the problem here.
Being signed in to the app should have no bearing on whether or not EQ settings are retained INSIDE of the earbuds… independent of the app completely.

Once an EQ (or HearID) is applied to the earbuds, it should be semi-permanent and should be stored in the earbuds whether the app is never used again or not (or completely removed from my phone). I have though signed in, as well as signed out, signed in again… removed the app/reinstalled the app… no difference: the EQ sound is lost in the earbuds during charging in the case and must be re-applied before every use. But again, if the EQ (or HearID) is stored in the earbuds then I should be able to completely remove the app and never have to use it again once applying a sound profile I like to the earbuds.

With my Soundpeats earbuds, I use the app once, apply an EQ I like, and the earbuds retain the EQ sound forever (or until I change it in the future). I can charge the earbuds, turn them off, use them on my Apple TV or any other device and the new sound profile is alway retained.

With the Soundpeats Liberty Air 2, as soon as I put the earbuds into the charging case and turn them off, the EQ is lost, and the sound reverts back to the stock/default sound. So, after charging I always have to pair with my phone, open the app, turn off the EQ (because the app remembers the last setting), then turn it back on to apply the EQ over to my earbuds…

The earbuds will then save this sound and I can use the earbuds with this EQ on my phone, or I can disconnect and use on my Apple TV and the EQ is retained… UNTIL at the end of the day (or whenever) I put them back in the charge case. Again, the EQ is lost inside the earbuds, so next time I use them I have to pair with the phone, open the app, and re-apply my EQ over to the earbuds. It’s a huge pain and not at all what other earbuds do… and also not what Soundcore says these should do.

I’ve explained the issue to them on the phone and in many emails, and they are always originally confused (and tell me to do things like sign in and out of the app which is nonsense) and then finally tell me the “EQ settings should be saved inside the earbuds”.

Basically, imagine if every time you used your earbuds, you had to open the app, and set your custom controls that you like… and every time after you charge your earbuds, your custom controls settings are lost (revert to default) so you have to open the app before each use and set them how you like. THIS is exactly what is happening to the EQ sound (coincidentally, the custom controls ARE intact always, even after charging).

Same thing seems to be happening on Anker Soundcore Q20+ over ear headphones but doesn’t happen on Anker Soundcore Q35.
It’s really annoying that you have to take out your phone, turn on bluetooth, turn on headphones, connect them to phone, open the app, wait for app to connect to headphones and then apply custom EQ… EVERY TIME AFTER CHARGING. It’s extremely dissapointing that Anker ships their products with such drastic flaw, although I believe they could fix this with software update. This should’ve been tested before releasing the product. I guess there’s nothing we can do on our side.

Yeah, this is how I’ve had to do it since I got the Liberty Air 2’s over a years ago (tried a couple pairs). It’s annoying but the sound is great.