Artists of the Week: LÜM's Got Talent!

Welcome to Artists of the Week: LÜM’s Got Talent Edition :dancer::man_dancing:

A couple of weeks ago, we held the second annual “LÜM’s Got Talent” competition. The task was simple: Create and share a video that showcases your talent! Whether the talent was dancing, singing, producing, etc., all submissions were welcomed.

To make it even more fun, two of the previous Artists of the Week – Michael Rashad and Rosa Nice – were responsible for judging the competition and passing on the torch to the next four Artists of the Week based on who had the best submissions.

Read on to see who made the cut!


21-year-old ANCAT hails from Pottstown, Pennsylvania. With a diverse range sure to catch your ear, the two main genres that encompass his music are a blend of Pop-Rock and Hip-Hop.

ANTCAT gives credit to fellow independent artist Dre Wave$ for influencing him as he’s watched Dre successfully grow himself and his brand.

Like many independent artists who are able to work quickly to produce consistent, quality music, ANTCAT has taken the time to learn how to engineer his own music. He adds that continuing to develop this skill has significantly helped his own independent path.

Check out ANTCAT’s winning LÜM’s Got Talent post here!


Cilla is a Puerto Rican R&B and Pop Singer/Songwriter from New York City. With influences like Alicia Keys, Jhene Aiko, Erykah Badu, and Lauryn Hill, Cilla has taken her Latin roots and incorporated R&B, Pop, and Soul elements to give her music the unique sound it has today. Her sweet personality and edgy style draw people in, while her music is there to make them stay.

Cilla has performed at Gramercy Theater for the J Mula and friends concert, with DJ Jay Five on set, and DJ FatFingaz, hosted by Hip Hop Mike, Mr. Commodore, Mr. Cheeks, and more. Other performances that Cilla is proud to have under her belt include the Puerto Rican Day parade and Bridge the Gap benefit concert in Jackson Heights gathering supplies for students to go back to school – just to name a few.

Click here to see Cilla’s LÜM’s Got Talent post and all of her other amazing content :confetti_ball:


Desmond Parson is a singer, songwriter, musician, and producer from the Washington DC area that fuses R&B and Neo-Soul genres to make a unique style of his own. Since 2018, Desmond has released several projects.

Released in March of 2021, Desmond’s most recent single “Sideline” is currently in the top 20 of the UK R&B/Soul charts; click here to listen now!


Last, but certainly not least, is Jane Green. One of the most dedicated fans on LÜM, Jane may not be a musical artist, but she still had some amazing content to share as part of LÜM’s Got Talent! Check out her winning submission here.

Jane Green is a lifelong multidisciplinary artist. She recently shifted her artistry from textiles to digital art to create collaborative audiovisuals and NFTs to shine a spotlight on budding musicians and artists.

Her work towards creating a network to help artists grow was inspired by the community of incredible musicians she found on LÜM :purple_heart:

As she interviews musicians and collects content for her website, podcast, and blog, the sky is the limit for Jane Green. Finding ways for her artistry and digital curation to echo and promote other artists is the true dream of a Super Fan like Jane Green!

Here are some of Jane’s favorite songs at the moment; let us know which is your favorite in the replies below!

Kid Trill - Please Come Home
goodhands - tehillah


Will check them later. Thanks for sharing.

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Yes!!! Love this list! Thank you allowing Michael & myself to choose!

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I like it the most by far goodhands👏
and the second is Kid Trill.:slightly_smiling_face:

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Wow even more artists I don’t know on lum

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