Artists streaming on twitch? Know / seen any? Kina Grannis

I saw recently on the core somewheres, mentioning / wondering why more artists don’t take to twitch to stream their music or engage with their fans.

Popular amongst gamers, twitch was (maybe still is) the top platform for streaming Dota events.

One of my favourite artists has started using twitch, and I caught one of her lengthy casts.

Kina Grannis - Twitch stream

She has a great voice and has been in biz for some time.

If you haven’t heard of here, check her out and let me know what you think. Two streams coming up soon, as per above.


I didn’t realize you could use Twitch for others thing besides game streaming. Already learning something new this morning haha.

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I have heard of other doing some other stuff. I think I remember someone cooking once. I know this one guy Mike the bard does video games but also does karaoke with his watchers.

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Logic is now a twitch streamer, he signed a deal with them for millions

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Next we will see online fitness streams. :rofl:

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Twitch has online fitness streams as well. Twitch has just more then video games for a while now.


Oh dang, well I haven’t really been on twitch that much so that explains it.

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Here is t-pain streaming now. Learning Adobe premiere so you can copy paste